Yet More Drafts from the Driftless

Seems like I haven’t been able to get in any decent writing recently, not even on this, my summer vacation. Lest I forget, here are some jottings that I hope to develop into posts later:

–the meaning of perfidis in the traditional Good Friday Prayer for the Jews; how this term relates to 1.) a covenantal understanding of Christ’s Passion, 2.) the spiritual blindness mentioned in the same prayer, and 3.) our own identity as the Chosen People of the New Testament

–how to integrate our understanding of Christ’s Passion as both a martyrdom undertaken in defense of truth and as a propitiatory sacrifice; “the medium is the message”

–Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli as apostle of the Driftless Area; missions to the Indians, Frenchmen, Irish immigrants, and Anglo-American converts; temperance movement

–God’s “inscrutable will” (per Fr. Mazzuchelli), Pope Francis on the “God of Surprises,” and Fr. Feeney on divine surprises

–thoughts on the so-called debitum peccati, which is the speculative account of how exactly Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception relates to the Adam’s sin, if at all; the role of Christ’s Cross and the Immaculate Conception as the ultimate victory of the Cross; debitum Redemptoris or debitum Crucis as an alternative explanation; we inherit Original Sin for lack of the application of redemptive grace

–things I’ve heard at Novus Ordo Masses/Confessions: denunciation of churches in the round; condemnation of in vitro fertilization; Our Lord suffered more during the Passion than we would because His sinless Soul and perfect Body were more sensitive to bodily pain; tear up books on the occult and throw them in the recycling; the vision of the Incarnation as the prompt for the Fall

–how I learned my prayers

–if the shoe were on the other foot; pornography vs. sodomy as an excusable “lifestyle choice”; judging effects on human life; guilt and stress; “in-born” tendencies, etc.

–the Church interior as fulfillment of the Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple; laver, Menorah, veil, altar, incense

–wrapping up old posts (St. Peter and Joshua; St. Joseph and Moses)

–confession as a secular practice; admitting to emotional adultery vs. actual adultery (based on a radio show I overheard); “did you kill someone?”

–whether the “real enemy” is secularism; Protestants and Catholic both “loving Jesus”; a radio comment from a priest

–why “we veil what is holy” is exactly the opposite of the reason why women should wear veils in church; the true explanation from an EWTN recording

–excusing divorce and heresy; the idea of persisting in “imperfect communion” with the Church as analogous to persisting in an invalid pseudo-marriage; polygamy and divorce allowed under Mosaic Law because the Mosaic covenant was provisional; divorce forbidden in New Testament because New Testament is eternal; Baptism requires us to forsake sects, just as Matrimony requires us to forsake all but our true spouse

–EENS (extra ecclesiam nulla salus) and the salvation of the whole man; God not only assumed a human nature, but He also communicated a relative omniscience to His human nature; hence, vs. the so-called “implicitists,” it is reasonable to expect God in His Providence to provide all of the elect who have reached the age of reason with *explicit* Faith; God wishes to save the whole man, and to save the reasoning, willing man by means of his reason and his will; questions concerning those who accept and reject Christ without knowing it; grace is more “common,” less subtle, than some imagine it to be

–EENS and Sts. Perpetua and Dinocrates; abortion and Limbo; fear and trembling; praying that all unborn babies receive Baptism

–why, contra Pater Edmund Waldstein, we shouldn’t say “at least Moslems believe in a God” when comparing Moslem immigrants with secular Europeans; teleology and conversion; temptations presented by seductive heresy vs. hedonism

–mankind’s pervasive proclivity to abortion and infanticide; a book on folkways; the early 60s show “The Defenders”

–neoconservatives vs. Maurassians; or, having it both ways

–the miraculous Virgin Birth (virginitas in partu) as a sign of the relationship between nature and grace

–No, Virginia, the Confederacy was not some Catholic Utopia in the making

–St. Peter and Jonah; Rome and Nineveh

–cemetery tour at St. Norbert’s

–Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange on the Sufis; Plotinus; what do the Sufis claim about God that Satan might not remember from before his fall?; the banausia of Thomistic citations

–Our Lady and the Cross; mater, materia, and materies; the crucified curse their mothers for having given them birth; man as creatura crucifer; Satan’s repugnance at the Incarnation and at the *possibility* of the Cross; man as a cross for the angels; the Crucified Christ as Savior of the angels; the Cross as axis mundi

–Christ’s so-called brethren; personal anecdote from having half-siblings much older in age; my unbelieving algebra teacher

–the Immaculate Conception as proof that “the jewel is in the lotus”

–reconciling conflicting passages in Sacred Scripture: does Saul know who David is?

–why Catholics lose wars and find themselves living among infidels; geopolitics and one convert from Afghanistan; the Divine Providence of parents converting before their children reach the age of reason

–Saul in the Old Testament and Saul in the New Testament; from persecutor of God’s Anointed to vas electionis, agent of the Davidic King’s reign over the Gentiles; deaths by beheading at the hands of pagan Gentiles

–the crucifixion of Saul’s descendants by the Gabaonites; covenant with Joshua broken; time of the Passover; mater dolorosa; John Dominic Crossan’s lies about the crucifixion; crucified bones in grave; where was Our Lady at the time of the Resurrection?

–Joshua and the sojourners in the Land of Chanaan; pilgrims from a far-off country

–resources on the so-called miracle of the “Holy Fire” in Jerusalem

–natural law, a high school friend, and conversion

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