If someone somewhere writes a blog post in which someone somewhere observes that some traditionalists somewhere have behaved like jerks, here are some responses that betray a lack of self-awareness:

1.) No trads anywhere have ever been obnoxious, you Modernist tool!

2.) Yeah, some trads are obnoxious, but can you really blame them (us, me)? Aren’t we all just victims acting out our victimhood? Blame the (insert typical villain).

3.) Why are we jumping on trads? Aren’t the truly obnoxious people *other* people? Shouldn’t only *other* people receive all criticism?

4.) The Mass of All Times and Ages is the surety that we never betray the deposit of Faith, that we defend life, that we uphold the Church, that we detest heresy. I weep bitter tears that anyone anywhere could ever be such a despicable heretic as to descend into heretical depravity (insert approximately 230 more multisyllabic words saying the same thing with sustained histrionics).

Having recently read a rather poor response to a modest criticism of some traditionalists somewhere, with a combox full of responses 1-4, I have cleaned up my list of recommended links.


One thought on “Self-Awareness

  1. Amen, brother. I am so fortunate that my walkable-distance parish church has daily (at times multiple) TLM. Holy Week was beautiful and traditional. I was talking to a fellow parishioner afterwards who told me how exhausted Father was – not so much because of the physical demands of the Week but rather becasue of all the complaints from the TLM’ers. I was shocked. How could people complain about something so wonderful and something that 99% of the world’s Catholics have no access to? One of the bloggers I read once said something probably years ago to the effect that a degree of good would probably come if folks of the NO were required to attend the TLM exclusively for 5 years and vice versa. I initially disagreed but reading and experiencing the pettiness at times on both sides makes me much more likely to agree.

    Jerks are jerks and should be dealt with accordingly. Most jerks need a good dose of the strong arm of authority – or shunning. And I don’t care if they are wearing chapel veils or strumming the guitar at youth mass.

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