Truth Trumps All

I’ve written about a reputable priest failing, and now I’ll write about a disreputable infidel getting it right. Recently, Donald Trump referred to the communion elements at his church as the wine and the “little cracker.” Some liberal TV comedienne mocked Trump for thus referring to Jesus. The upshot of the joke was, “Hah-hah, he doesn’t even know what his own religion teaches!” This from (or for) liberal atheists who don’t believe in Christ. Smugness has made them hypocrites. And we all know what Christ said about hypocrites.

I suppose as a Catholic voter I’m supposed to be upset at Trump’s ignorance of Christianity. But why? Trump is literally correct — at his Protestant church, the elements really are just wine and crackers. That is what the Catholic Church teaches they are, anyway, because his sect presumably lacks valid orders. I repeat: what Trump said was perfectly correct. If he had claimed that it was the Body and Blood of Our Lord, he would have been wrong. On this point, Trump is “more Catholic” than his so-called Catholic critics.


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