The Title of This Blog

The title of this blog is a bit of a play on words. My goal with this blog is to contribute something original to the ever-metastasizing world of Catholic blogdom. To be Catholic is to be immersed in the Universal Church, committed to “one Church, one Faith, one Baptism.” Yet Christ desired that this unity exist in diversity. The one Church embraces many nations, many languages, many peoples. Each of us works out our salvation in a particular time, place, and culture.

My time is the early 2000s. As far as place and culture go, I identify most strongly with the Driftless Area of the American Upper Midwest (northwestern Illinois, northeastern Iowa, southwestern Wisconsin, and southeastern Minnesota). This region is marked by rugged hills and deep valleys; Ice Age glaciers never flattened the land here like they did in the rest of the Midwest.* It’s a land of contours. I grew up on the southern edge of the Driftless Area in Illinois, and now I live on the region’s eastern edge, in the Diocese of Madison. This is the place from which I view the world and, from time to time, catch glimpses of eternity. I also like the pun of “Driftless Catholic”; we should all pray that we not drift from the grace of Christ. So, with that, let’s get blogging, shall we?

*To learn more about the Driftless Area, I highly recommend the documentary “Mysteries of the Driftless,” though I’m indifferent toward geological timelines that are longer than Scriptural genealogies would permit.


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